Come on New Zealand! Advocate for the children!

First of all, I’d like to make it clear that I’m not affiliated with World Vision nor am I making money by doing this. However, I know a good cause when I read it. Right now, there is a great urgency and need to open New Zealand’s doors for the refugees. I know that this will means we’ll have a flood of refugees but that is only because:

They have no where else to go. To go home or to stay home is to get killed. 

Isn’t it therefore our social responsibility to help them?

After all, we may have to work to have a home, feed our kids but when it comes to life or death,

shouldn’t we do what we can to advocate for life and prevent death?

I urge all New Zealanders to read this and click on the link

that will take you to the advocate page for the Sudanese children. We have to let Jacinda Arden know that letting refugees into our home is not a burden, is not a bad thing, but it is a responsibility that we, as a nation, share for our brothers and sisters and fellow human beings.

Thank you!




Nervous but excited poem

I’ve noticed that many times in my life, normally before a huge change, I’ve felt nervous but excited. Some examples include:

  1. The day before the first day of college
  2. A few days before I went to camp
  3. the night before the week of Stardome
  4. Starting the other half of semester one

I thought, I keep feeling this way, and also based on this High school musical SNL video, why shouldn’t I write a song called “Nervous but excited”? A song requires music so this is actually just a short poem, just to try this out.

Nervous but excited:

People ask me how I feel

Well sometimes I feel happy, something I feel sad,

but whenever there are big changes in my life,

I feel…

Nervous but excited

like a leaf quivering in the wind, not knowing if it’ll stay with the tree or leave the branch

nervous but excited

like a dog seeing a family of adopters, not knowing if they’ll adopt him or turn to his brother

Nervous but excited

always nervous but excited

even when people ask me about college and I know it’ll be okay for the first day, that the newness will die eventually and I will go back to the old mantra of “school is school”.

But for the moment,

nervous but excited is the feeling.

Thanks for asking

Reflection on poem

Bwahahaha! lol. It’s obvious poetry isn’t my niche. I really just wrote whatever came to mind. Might not even be considered poetry by the ‘experts’. I think it’d be pretty hard to write and sell this song. In a Disney movie, it’d probably be super annoying.

Video that inspired this atrocity:

I had to write this poem, you see, because of Troy Bolton saying,

“I was nervous but excited. So I started to sing a song called, ‘nervous but excited'”

I remember this EVERY time I’m going through a big change or milestone.




I say hello
At the same time you say goodbye

I smile at you
At the same time you look away and hurry past me.

Its OK,
You don’t need to be afraid or feel guilty,
It’s OK,
If you have no money or don’t want to give,
I don’t want your money

Just a friend,
A smile is a treasure,
All the greatest treasures have no price
They’re for the poor, not the rich

Stay a little while longer,
Let’s forget about our problems,
And just pretend,
That the war has ended.

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Friends are fun but families are gold


Some people have a home without a house,
They’re poor but happy,
They have much but they’re content,
They don’t eat out often,
But they never go to bed hungry,
They’re looked down on by society but they have family.
I wished my life could be like and yet,

I have a house to call home,
But I’m not always happy,
I have a lot of things
But I’m never satisfied,
I eat a lot,
But sometimes I’m still hungry for more.

Why is my life different from theirs? Is it even possible to always be happy?
Or maybe those people talking and laughing together,
The ones who don’t have a mortgage because they are unemployed,
Have something more than happiness,
Something better than happiness,
Perhaps they have peace,

Yes, I think that’s what it is,
and day by day,
Slowly, like the turtle who once raced against a hare,
I discover
that I have these things too.


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Praise report on healing

Have you ever had a really bad flu? The bad thing about the flu is that you get symptoms for the cold and also a bad fever and a bad sore throat in succession, one problem after the other. Sometimes, all three at once. At the time of writing this post, I’ve had the flu for about 5 days now. I also have a really bad sore throat. It’s a lot better now but still needs healing and recovery. But I believe in healing and I believe in prayer. I believe that prayer is the number one solution for healing and restoration. Prayer and honey and lemon tea are more effective and efficient than just honey and lemon tea.

This post isn’t a praise report on my healing. That will come soon but not now. This is a report on a fellow brother in Christ. This video has many key points. It’s not long video so it’ll be worth it to watch the whole video yourself even though I’ll write down some points.

Some points from the video:

  • God blesses those whom he loves
  • Rest in what God’s done for me and not what I’m trying to do for him
  • Thank you Jesus for going to the cross for me

I think I can write a prayer on healing from these three points. Let’s see…

Dear Lord,

You bless me, your precious child whom you love. Help me to rest in what you’ve done for me. You are always at work for my good. It is not what I do, but it is all about your love and who you are. You are healer, restorer, and father. Thank you, Jesus, for going to the cross for me, paying the price for all my sins. Because of what you’ve done, I can be forgiven and healed. I claim healing, I claim a restored body, I claim peace and perfect health over my body, mind, and spirit in Jesus name, Amen.

You turn:

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Bad Dream

I had a bad dream,
I dreamed my family’s killed
Everyone I knew and loved, gone

They came for me
Bullet hits my skin
And I was gone too.

Most nights,  I wake up sweating,
And I have to cry
Because I’m alive
But my family is not.

My inspiration for this poem: Children had to flee from Sudan into Uganda and some children escaped without their parents. I don’t know if there are still children yet to escape war-ridden Sudan but I can imagine that the children in Uganda would have nightmare. No child should ever out live their parents.

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Maths anxiety in teachers

The new semester began last week on Wednesday. I attended my first Maths 1 class on Thursday. Today was my second lesson. Due Sunday, is a reading response on an article titled, “Maths anxiety in female teachers” (shortened title). Man, can I relate to that! Aside from this article, there are so many other articles provided by my tutor (let’s call her Gabrielle), and it’s all very interesting.

It has made me call to question what my beliefs are over my Maths skills, over what I can and can’t do and how this affects the students that are under my care and influence.

The Youtube video, “Boosting Maths” talks about a growth mindset and how anyone can learn Maths. Speed does not matter but thinking does.

This offers hope for me as it means I don’t have to graduate uni and enter the classroom with all my Maths anxiety baggage that I’ve carried since primary, ever since I started learning fractions.

The article, “Female Maths anxiety affects girls’ Maths achievement”, describes how the female teachers’ thinking and level of skill in Maths, affects and greatly influence how their female students think and perceive Maths.

The article uses statistics of an entry class in the united states, of which about 90 % of teachers were female and all had Maths anxiety. Of the girls that believed in the stereotype that boys are better at Maths than girls, because of their teachers’ influence, scored less than the girls who didn’t believe this stereotype, and boys who believed either way.

However, you know what statistics is like.

The words, “Skewed” and “biased” come to mind as well as a big dose of, “No idea what this means.”

I can hear my year 12 statistics teacher cringing and crying out, “What have I taught you?”

The article also states that one of their hypothesis was that Female teacher anxiety would only affect the girls. However, I believe that teacher anxiety can affect how much students across the genders, learn and understand, no matter what gender the teacher is. This is because teachers have an influence on all their students and I believe it will be easy to know or find out if a teacher is good or bad at Maths.

Maths anxiety in teachers affects all students because, after all, how can a teacher who is not confident in doing fractions, be able to teach fractions? Although some students may be better at Maths than the teacher, the primary source of information and learning Maths knowledge comes from the teacher.

In my practicum at Elim School, I sat with a boy who was doing two digit multiplication. He was in year four and this kind of work was too easy for him. As a way to stimulate his thinking and encourage him to do his work, I raced with him to answer the questions first. I lost each time and he realised that I was slow at Maths. But, I told him that speed doesn’t matter in Maths. What matters is the thinking and understanding behind what you are doing. This concurs with the Youtube video, “Maths boosting”. I also said this more for the girls’ benefit who were in the room but it was also to help the boy student realise that he does not know everything in Maths and he, like everyone else, including me, were still learning Maths.

Maths is not a skill that can be conquered and done, but rather, it is a continual learning process that is forever changing and molding both ourselves and our understanding of the world.

Let’s backtrack, one year ago,  while I was still in the process of enrolling in Laidlaw College. I had to go to my Aunty because she’s also my accountant. Whenever I do anything to do with money or Study Link, I go to her.

When I told her I wanted to be a primary teacher, she replied with this;

“You’ll never be a teacher because you’re not good at maths.”

I was nervous. It’s not like I knew if I could be a teacher (even now, the verdict is still out), but I was also excited because what if I could. What if, Ching Ern Yeh, who never understood fractions, remembered her Number Knowledge, or prime numbers, could teach all these things and more? What if I could be a Maths teacher?

The thought scared me but even before I read the Teachers’ anxiety article that states, “students can successfully pursue a career as an elementary school teacher even if they have a propensity to avoid math.”, I knew there was a low entry level requirement of maths for primary teachers. I wasn’t asking to teach calculus or statistics. I was asking to teach fractions, one plus one, and number lines. I wanted to teach something that I had learned long ago. I needed something to spark inside me, to refresh and renew my mind so that I could grow, I could have a growth mindset and re-learn.

Even a year ago, I wore a secret smile, a quiet confidence in learning and teaching Maths.

But my Aunty wouldn’t let go of her rational and logical mind that told her it was impossible.

“You will never be a primary teacher,” she said, crying a little bit because she was sad to be the one to break my heart. (as if her fears weren’t obvious to me), “You were never good at Maths in primary so you can’t be a Maths primary teacher.”

Simple, right? Obvious, yes?

I thought not. And I’m glad for my 2017 self who, full of fears, anxiety and questions, also had lots of ideas, ambition and excitement. I’m excited to teach Maths because that is an indication for me that I’ve learned something, and a challenge to continue learning.

I’m not saying that, because I can empathise with students who don’t like Maths, all my students will pass fractions with flying colours. But just the fact that I can or may be able to teach Maths and do it well, is not a boast on my own strengths, but is God-given success. Through Jesus, I can do everything and nothing is impossible.

When I went for my interview, and admitted to them that I was not good at Maths, they told me what I’ve come to believe, is a message from God, “My Grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” (2 Corinthians 12:9, NIV).

Amen and praise the Lord, who not only gives me the strength where I lack, but made the universe and all the Maths in His creation.

Praise God, who, through the article, “Stewards of the Created Order”, gave me insight in the author and the words to use for when people ask me why I’m studying Education in a Theology college. The answer is this;

“…that pursuing mathematical study and pursuing a deeper relationship with Christ are not two mutually exclusive events. Through the Christian faith we can properly orient our understanding of mathematics so that we realize its inherent value and contribution to our worship of the Creator.”

In other words, teaching and theology, all the subjects I’m learning and God, are related to each other, not mutually exclusive. Thank you to my year 12 teacher who taught me what that meant. It means this: I can honour, worship and glorifiy God in the way I think about, do, learn and teach Maths.