If I (prose)

Pick Your Gadget

If I could pick a future device, from a time machine an anywhere door or an invisibility helmet, I would pick a time machine.

If I had a time machine, I could go back in time and change my past. I’d prevent my mum from falling down the stairs, which would’ve prevented a miscarriage of my younger sister (or brother). The future me would be at home with dad, ready to call the ambulance at the ready, so that he wouldn’t have died. I’d go back to (shudder) intermediate to prevent my past self from giving away my first kiss to a boy who had really bad hair and no abs or muscles. I wouldn’t have sneezed on a baby girl.

But then, I would be living two lives, and I would be burdened with endless possibilities of how my life would plan out to be. The truth is, even with a time machine, i can’t plan or dictate or change my life. Shit happens. life moves on. It’s a cold hard fact, but we need to move on and not go back to the past. That’s how you get 50 first dates (and most likely with the bad hair dude). I think an anywhere door would be better.

If I had an anywhere door, I could go anywhere. Some people would be happy to walk through a door and step into Paris, or Germany, or america. but when i step into my anywhere door, I’d go to Ink heart, The Hundred Acre Woods, Gotham city, The Capitol of Panem. Can you imagine if all these characters in our heads were real people living their own real lives? I’d be so freaked out! I’d want to hide if I ever saw a President Snow doppleganger and the power of invisibility if i ever met the real thing.

If I had an invisibility helmet, I’d walk around without a bra outside the house. I’d be able to change in my room, and not have to worry about people looking in from the window, the part where the curtain is broken. If I had an invisibility helmet, I’d feel like an intermediate girl; back of the class, unmissed, unknown, invisible behind her book, in someone else’s world brought to life by my own imagination.



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