what my characters say about my flaws


What’s your worst quality?

You know how they say the characters you make are a part of you and show who you are? Even though I’ve made dozens of characters over several books (that are not yet finished), I’ve come to the same conclusion as past writers: That we as writers, really are a part of our character sand our characters shoe who we are to the readers. This is one reason why writing is so personal, because it shows who are our, things that we can’t just tell a stranger, except through fiction and writing.

In saying this, going back tot he question of what my worst quality is:

My worst quality would be that I can get really angry and therefore make impulsive and poor decisions. I get angry at my sisters, my mum, my friends. I once threw a book at my friend while we were having lunch in school. I almost threw her folder in her face as well. At that time, it was for a good reason, okay?

I’m not a horrible person, but let’s just say, there’s no self defense against emotional and mental things, so when someone makes me angry, I retaliate through physical violence or insults. Why not just tell my friend or my sister how I feel? Because ever since I was a little girl, I didn’t talk to people and I didn’t like to talk. This has not changed for me.

However, if I were to see my characters, and their flaws and what their flaws say about me, this is what I would see:

  1. Ellie Monrose like to fight the bad guys through physical violence. She is a lot more stronger than me and actually know how to fight. We are both impulsive and are quick to anger. We have the same flaw, i think, but Ellie has it more extreme.
  2. Peter is an excellent cook. He can make a good omelette and a delicious pancake. He is also a technical whiz and can hack into everything. A flaw that peter has is that he is a perfectionist. Again, he is more of a perfectionist than me, but I also suffer days where i can writer anything, whether it’s my blog, a card to a friend, or a story, just like how peter would. I think I am more calm than peter during these situations, but I can totally understand peter and anyone like him.I have made more characters but here’s one last one:
  3. Max is one of my favourite character of my book. He doesn’t say much if anything at all, but I can relate and understand his silence. It’s not that he’s shy or even that he’s rude, but he just likes the silence. When I write, I find silence no matter where I am, whether in a crowded cafe, or a living room where my sister and her boy friend are watching something on full volume, things like that. He doesn’t speak unless he has something very wise to say that helps the whole team to solved a problem. I wished I could have that kind of influence when I talk…but no, I’m just like all the other chatter boxes. He also likes to run…he’s also really hot.


Well there you have it folks! (I can’t believe I’ve called you folks, ha!)

Bottom line, my flaw is that I have a little bit of anger management (but not as bad as Ellie). On top of this, I also have other parts of me that makes me ME, the good and the bad.

No one’s perfect, which I’ve accepted (unlike peter),  but everyday I am constantly trying to be a better person than yesterday. I think this is especially because it’s the holiday season and this year’s christmas is different than the other ones. There are so many presents underneath the christmas tree, my sister from sydney is here with her husband and BABY and oh yeah, we’ve actually got a christmas tree.







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