A surprising treat for the skeptic

Pour Some Sugar on Me

Every Christmas, my aunty would invite my family for christmas eve dinner at their place. My uncle would cook the most amazing western food from Jamie Oliver recipes. He would make roasted potatoes that somehow have rough skin, vegetables that actually tasted good including swede and carrot mash. We’d eat to our hearts content, secretly racing to get the most Yorkshire puddings on our plates. Then when we were full and satisfied, my uncle’s dad would announce; “I have Christmas pudding,”

This had happened every time we went to their house for Christmas and every time, I would NOT eat it. Who knows, maybe I’d like it but let’s just say, I have a feeling, a woman’s intuitive, that no, i would not like it ever.

However, this afternoon I had lunch with my aunties. This is a different Aunty. We had Malaysian food in the city and it was authentic and very good. It took a while to get the food because there was only one chef there and because oft he line. But man, the food was something that would be in heaven, if heaven had food.

The food was so yummy, that when I had arrived, no one was even looking at me. They were all looking down at their plates, busily eating. But when my mum arrived with the baby (her grand child), suddenly, all heads were up.

When we went to take photo, twice, I had something in my mouth. I was hungry and Wah ton hor noodles happened to be my favourite.

Then, we were full, and happy to talk amongst ourselves. Then one of my aunty brought out a box and announced; “I  have White christmas cake,”

I saw the cake, saw the red and green things also found in christmas pudding cakes, and I thought, no way.

But I ended up eating two pieces. Before I ate it though, I passed it to the next person and it went one round before it came back to me and I finally tried it. It was delicious. It was sweet, but not overly sugary and it made me wonder what was in it, what was it made of?

The same Aunty is coming to our house, mainly to visit the baby, but also to drop off some more of the cake. And that is what I am looking forward to this week. The good thing is, she’s leaving for Sydney this saturday, so it shouldn’t be too long when she visits us.





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