The Romantic Adventure Of A Dog Faced Girl

I realise I could just make up a story of a “disaster date”, but my own story was much too gruesome to share. So here’s one I found and thought it was pretty cool. Let me know what you think too.


Third Rate Romance

Tell us your funniest relationship disaster story.

When I was in high school my friend and her husband set me up on a blind date with her brother in law.

We were going to meet at a street fair in Everett- and I agreed to go because why not? He was a musician they said just like me.

So we get up there and meet him by one of the rides and he stops and looks at the three of us- and he goes off like a Roman Candle:

” You set me up with that ugly dog?” He roared into my face. I thought you said she was a guitarist. Bullshit. No way in Hell is THAT  guitarist in a band.

He looked around as if we were all blind- couldn’t we see what was happing here? How could he lower himself to be seen…

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