Because of the night part three

When do you do your best work?

The last part of the three question prompt is here. And the last question is; “When do I do my best work?”

Again, in an ideal world, I’d like to say and think and believe that it is at 4-5 which is my writing session but the thing is, with the pressure of it being my writing session where I absolutely have to write, it gives me a lot of reasons to not write at that time. I am more likely and ready to forget about my 4 o’clock date with my laptop or writing book that I am with blogging in the morning.

I want to write at night after dinner, but I don’t really want to write my story between 4 to 5. I always want to write, that’s no problem, but writing just in general and then writing a story are two different matters. Writing in general, like a diary, is so easy and words come and they flow onto the page because I can write everything and anything. It is different with stories although even now as I write this, I feel like this shouldn’t be. But the barrier is there. I think there’s more fear? Because between 4 and 5 is when I should do my best work, but in the morning and at night, the expectation isn’t really there as much, especially at night when i’m just writing whatever.






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