Because of the night part two

I am Diurnal, as is every other human being. This is, true at least biologically speaking. But like age, in which one may be a 60 year old but looks like a 30 year old that acts like a teenager, in other words, young at heart and who you feel you are, isn’t always who you are labelled to be.

If I wasn’t speaking Biology, then I would say, at heart, I am a night owl, not because I am more productive at night. As it happens, I like to sleep early at 10.20pm. This is because I like to wake up ear;y the next day because I don’t have to wake up early, but I’m going way off topic now.

What is the most productive time of the day?

I would say it would be between 4 and 5pm or at least, I want to think and believe so. Why? Because this is my writing session time. And I know it’s only for an hour, and truth be told, i don’t always write in that hour, but I’ve learnt that this is the hour where i am bored, doing nothing and have complete free time.and so, it had become my writing session, the time of the day the day where I should be writing for one hour.

I have yet to try the technique in which I sit there at the table with a pen in one hand and my boom laid out in front of me, in which I can either write or stare at the page before me for one hour. What’s supposed to happen, is that I’m supposed to crack, seemingly unable to just sit there for one hour, and therefore, write something down. (Although I already do this a lot and it’s called day dreaming).

I also write in the morning. It’s the early afternoon now, but i actually like to write at 10am or 11am in my blog. I woke up late today at ten am because it is boxing day, and i like to sleep in.

So, to answer the second question of the long forgotten prompt, the most productive time for me would be in the late afternoon or early evening between 4 and 5pm. Other times would be in the morning between 10 to 11/30 and at night right after dinner before I go to bed. When do I do my best work? Well, that is another question and another blog post…






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