Merry Christmas!

Of course I have to do a Christmas post before the Christmas celebrations are over. This Christmas, I learnt that it feels better to give than to receive. I knew this long ago because of my Sunday school teacher when i was a kid and I read it in the bible. but this was the first time and the first Christmas where I really got into the whole ‘gift giving’ thing.

I started volunteering in my church’s Sunday school and the Sunday before Christmas, I did something I had never done and never thought i’d do before; I was Santa for ten minutes.

I didn’t have a sack or anything but the presents were in a bag and I laid them out on the ground. Then, another leader wrote down all the names of the kids there and put the names in the hat. WE let the kids pull a name from the hat.

I only had 5 presents and there were about eight kids that day. But the people who had ‘won’ the presents were little kids who usually never get presents. They were so happy.

They ripped open the presents and exclaimed; “Wow, look what I got!”

It felt really good to be able to be the cause of that smiling face, that happy kid, that kid who never gets the present, with the new and cool toy in his hand.

If feeling happy because I made other people happy, had a name or was a gift, then that was the best gift i had for christmas.

On the less “I don’t care about the presents underneath the christmas tree” side of my food wired brain, I had the best christmas EVER. We had so many presents underneath the christmas tree.

Most of them were to Hannah, the newest addition to the family. She’s so cute. We did secret Santa using a website called Elfster. And I’ll definitely be using Elfster again.

Merry christmas everyone!

What did you get this christmas? What did you learn? And what was your favorite part of the whole month?




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