Unplugged record: 5 days

Bloggers, Unplugged

5 days straight. Saturday to Christmas Eve. The first few days, being unplugged from my laptop was actually unintentional. I think I was sleeping in that time. But on the third day, I ‘woke up’ and I suddenly had an itch that just grew with each passing day.

I thought; “How am I going to write my story now?”. I worried about my blog. I fretted over my emails. But the thing I think I really missed the most was the music. It was you tube and maybe even Spotify. I missed music.

As the days went by without using my laptop, I thought of the prompt, Bloggers, Unplugged, and I mused over the question: How do you know when it’s time to unplug?

I certainly didn’t think it was time to unplug by the fourth day. I thought; “I can’t do this till the new year as a “break”. I can’t. And people like me don’t need breaks from their blogs…”

It was sort of like an experiment. At times it was torturing, and today I literally spent the whole afternoon watching you tube clips and I had never loved you tube more than today.

I wasn’t completely unplugged from technology- I still used my mum’s phone to play my favorite game, Farm Heroes. But even a little bit of technology, a little bit of Facebook, of the “outside world”, was like a drug. A drug that made me want more.

It’s no big deal now. I’ve got to say the internet connection in my house still is a problem that won’t go away, but it’s good to be back. And it’s a privilege to have a laptop. I had forgotten.

My record of being unplugged from the internet and my laptop was 5 days straight. What’s your record? Let me know in the comments below.






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