Unplugged record: 5 days

Bloggers, Unplugged

5 days straight. Saturday to Christmas Eve. The first few days, being unplugged from my laptop was actually unintentional. I think I was sleeping in that time. But on the third day, I ‘woke up’ and I suddenly had an itch that just grew with each passing day.

I thought; “How am I going to write my story now?”. I worried about my blog. I fretted over my emails. But the thing I think I really missed the most was the music. It was you tube and maybe even Spotify. I missed music.

As the days went by without using my laptop, I thought of the prompt, Bloggers, Unplugged, and I mused over the question: How do you know when it’s time to unplug?

I certainly didn’t think it was time to unplug by the fourth day. I thought; “I can’t do this till the new year as a “break”. I can’t. And people like me don’t need breaks from their blogs…”

It was sort of like an experiment. At times it was torturing, and today I literally spent the whole afternoon watching you tube clips and I had never loved you tube more than today.

I wasn’t completely unplugged from technology- I still used my mum’s phone to play my favorite game, Farm Heroes. But even a little bit of technology, a little bit of Facebook, of the “outside world”, was like a drug. A drug that made me want more.

It’s no big deal now. I’ve got to say the internet connection in my house still is a problem that won’t go away, but it’s good to be back. And it’s a privilege to have a laptop. I had forgotten.

My record of being unplugged from the internet and my laptop was 5 days straight. What’s your record? Let me know in the comments below.






Author: ceyeh96

I am a novelist who is taking an amazing gap year. In Jan 2016, I'll be doing volunteering work as well as throughout the year as well. Check me on Wattpad for short stories. My username is ching_e Follow my blog, Writing160 (not RubyAtYourService).

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