Young At Heart

This prompt was from the “Daily word prompt” blog and suggested by Krista. I’m going to just answer the questions as truthfully as I can. I hope I won’t sound confusing. I am writing and answering these questions in a time where my siblings and I are selling a flat that belongs to all of us and we’re going to have a meeting tomorrow basically about money. So, I am writing this, keeping what’s been happening in my personal life in mind. Warning: this is a bit dark and serious.

What are your thoughts on aging?

As we grow older, we get more involved in money. And the more involved we are, the more we spend, the more the debt pile adds up. By the time we are thirty, we have either said it at least once or agree to it that; “We could all do with a little bit more money”. You wouldn’t say no to free money. Just like how a food enthusiast wouldn’t say no to dessert, or how a kid wouldn’t say no to candy on Halloween (or on any day, really).

Aging can be difficult especially the thought of it. But with aging comes power. The power to be mature enough to make life decisions and hard decisions. And with power comes responsibility. We learn, we grow, we adapt, we die. We start again.

How will you stay young at heart as you get older?

My first response is “Do I really want to be young at heart? The young take no responsibility over their actions. They are impulsive and know nothing. It’s all fun and games to them.”

Yes, I still want to have fun, meet up with my friends, watch a movie and do all those things that we tend to do more often when we’re in our twenties and have the “World is an Oyster” analogy served on a silver platter straight to our hands.

But I also want to think straight and be at the point where I can make life choices and hard decisions and make the right choice, listen to the right group of people. We all make mistakes, and I am admittedly not that old yet (although I’ve had a ‘mid life crisis’ twice in my life), but I’m hoping that when I am older, I won’t make the same mistakes twice, that I won’t forget life lessons as easily as I do now.

In saying this, I know some old people who should really lighten up. I have an uncle who embarrasses his daughter but he’s the coolest and bestest uncle ever. He’s a 50 something year old man who looks like he’s thirty, who acts like he’s in his early twenties. Just by looking at him, I can see that he is young at heart. Sometimes, he talks about cars, and I’m like, yawn, but even from a distance, he’s someone who I admire and look up to a lot.

I’d like to end this prompted-post with a saying that I read once on my sister’s 21st birthday card; “Growing old is mandatory…Growing up is optional.”



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