Three things I’m grateful for

This is from Data tater and originally from Nerd in the brain websites. Although it’s not a Thursday, I’d thought after a pretty serious post, It’s time to be grateful for what I have. The last post was serious, this may get a bit soppy.

Three things I’m grateful for:

  1. My family

This includes my extended family, my friends and my brother. Technically, we are one big family because we are brothers and sisters through Christ. But I am grateful specifically for the loved ones that I have around me. I couldn’t survive because I’d go serious-crazy* without anyone around, with only strangers in the world.

*I am crazy anyway but it’s nothing serious.

2. My laptop

My laptop has all my stories and it has the internet and it was the first big buy I’ve ever done.

3. Chocolate

I love chocolate. I’m eating a peanut butter flavored Lindt chocolate right now for the sake of it.- and because it’s melting in its wrapper, on my desk.

Now, these three things don’t always make me smile (especially the first one), but they are all important to me in some way. I am grateful to each and every one of my family members, my brother, my sisters, my mum, and my cousins as well. I’m grateful for the friends I have, that I’m not mixed in with the wrong crowd nor have I ever been. Grateful, that I can finally get a laptop with my mum’s OK.

So there you have it. Feel free to do a “Three things Thursday” post or even comment down below about three things that make you smile and/or are grateful for. It’s a trend.


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