New year 2016

Stroke of Midnight

Happy news years everyone! And can I just say how great and awesome it is to be writing on the very first day of the new year, according to America times? Haha. I live in New Zealand, the first country who gets the sun and the first country who celebrated the new year.

So it is actually January 2nd today for me and many of my folks. If it was Jan 1, I would still be sleeping.

Man, yesterday or shall I say, The stroke of Midnight, was just beautiful. I found it hard to sleep on new years eve though I did try but I was watching TV and before I knew it, my sister declared, “Happy new years,”

She was most likely saying this more to her boyfriend than her sister or mother, but I still felt touched that I was there in that moment. I was at that point, where I really wanted to sleep but I just couldn’t do it.

I was waiting for my mum for her to get ready so that we could leave for church. It was a 7 hour morning prayer. I waited in the car and slept for a while. Then mum came to the car and she said she couldn’t find her bag.

It was her small blue bag that had everything in it; her phone, her wallet, her glasses, her chewing gum container and her jelly beans.

I went in the house to help her look for it. I found it underneath the table. Mum was amazed. She said; “I thought I looked under the table,”

Bur I just shook my head, careful not to eye roll her. this was typical mum.

“Let’s just go,” I said “come on, we’re already late,”

We were supposed to be there at the stroke of midnight but as I had been telling you, I had been watching the debate between Donald trump and the other people. Hilarious that’s on Youtube nowadays.

So we were off to church for a prayer that would last 7 hours, and then three more hours from just talking and eating.

I’m still recovering from it.

It’s the 3rd of january 2016 now as I write and finish writing this post.

Happy new years and remember, it’s never too late to give out candy canes to children.




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