Check point

I grew up on X-box and game boy from the tender age of 5. I was never that into Playstation or Nintentdo DS when the “better games” came into the store.  Although I had a lot of X-box games, the number one game I malways played and favoured was the spongebob movie game. I was really good at it and there would be chbeck points at almost every game so that when you lost, you could go back to the game starting from that check point instead of at the beginning. Where am I going with this?

I’m trying to answer seemingly simple questions that requires deep thinking on my part. I’m here to answer these questions: Why am I here? Why did I decide to become a blogger? What am I trying to achieve with this blog.

Look, I think that every blog starts of as something fun. I mean when you’re doing something that involves writing, and doe snot involve money or school, then yeah, you are doing it for the fun of it. Of course, it’d be awesome if I  could turn my blog into something bigger, with a million followers and a million views per post. I could guest star in “Write Practise”, every writer’s dream place to guest star in.

But to be honest? Although writing a blog and earning money from it has its perks, I am happy where I am right now. I don’t need money in fact, money sucks up all thee fun out of writing in the first place. If i wanted money, I’d do something easier, like teaching kids. (I mean, it’s easier in comparison to writing). Next question please…

Why are you blogging publicly instead of keeping a personal journal?

I did keep a journal and have finished many books this way with my endless ramblings of how my day was, what I did that day, and how I felt. You know, just the classic “diary stuff”. But then something happened, last year (2015), my sister came from Sydney and I had to clean my room. When i clean my room, I do it big. No, not big. -HUGE. (Quoting Jimmy Fallon as Donald trump). So, I took all of my precious journals, and I dumped them int he blue bin. Hey, at least I recycled. they will go on to make books, highlighters and bags, all recycled and quite expensive to buy as well.

I had a revelation: why have all these books, these journals, if i’m just going to dump them in a recycling bin?

The solution was to blog instead of keeping a journal. Now, I keep my “how was your day” to my diary, and I still keep a journal, but for the important things like observing people, and bird watching.

I haven’t been a blogger for a long time, but I have felt very welcomed in this community, than in any internet community I’ve ever been involved in. So, take this blog post as a sort of “check point” of my blog life so far. I’ve written some serious posts, some funny and mellow posts.

I don’t think I’m that serious in person but I’m definitely a lot less “lighter” via my blog. It’s like, I have a purpose to joke around and be funny and interesting Ha! When I am writing, and I mean really into it. not just starting or thinking about it, I feel like a load is off my shoulder and my heart is lighter and happier and filled with laughter. Hmm…I’m not dead, am I? Just joking.

What are YOUR reasons for being a blogger? Or, if you’re not a blogger, then what are you reason for reading blogs like this? Let me know in the comments below.



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