I am present

Write Here, Write Now

I like to write in the present because it is like writing affirmations.

For example:

I will have the best year in 2016 with memorable moments along the way. I will volunteer and build up on my CV in terms of experience and employee skills. And then hopefully I can get a job by the end of the year.

But I’m rambling on my new years resolutions which I’ll save for another post. What this post is about, is this poem that I am going to write right here:

This poem is called Blank Verse

I am writing a poem

it is in blank verse

hence, the lack of capitals and commas

hence, the title of the poem, “Blank verse”.

A funny thing about pomes (I call “poems”, pomes),

is that they don’t always rhyme,

and here’s the cinch,

they don’t HAVE to rhyme,

but they do make sense,



it’s like art.

You’ve got to look at the perspective.

And that’s my poem.


I should write poems and things on my blog more often. Hmm.

I will, when I have time,

But more on “time” later, in another post.


The poem has ended by the way, like, 7 lines ago. So, yeah.


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