Short hair, short times

New Sensation

When I was 12 years old, I had short hair, fell and grazed my left cheek and knee while running with untied shoes laces, from the school to my house. (I was in intermediate, need I go on in detail?) But the point is, that this year, on January 2nd 2015, I was in my Aunty’s house, taking a picture with my cousin and sister.

In the picture, the first thing I saw which rattled my senses, and made me think back to years where I had wished i’d just crawl up in a shell in die (and that someone’s would’ve known about it and given a damn). My hair is short, see, and in the picture, i looked like a freakin year 7. Yeesh!

Now, I know what you’re thinking; Isn’t it good to look younger than you actually are?

Yes and no.

Yes in usual circumstances and if you’re 30 who looks 20. But it’s a No, when you look like a 12 year old.

The important thing though, is to remember that this picture, which I kept (thank goodness), was taken on the night of a very glorious and special New years Dinner. It was extravagant, I mean, my uncle went all out and beyond, to create the best meal ever.

Yes, short hair, calls for short and quick but good times. Uh except when I was 12.

This isn’t going to make me grow my hair longer. If anything, this has proven that my stubborness is useful because I am not going to move no matter what. I like keeping my hair short in fact, I’m so used to it, that it’s too long right now, it’s at my shoulders. I’m not going to grow my hair like my sisters because I know it just takes too much work and it’s not worth it for me.

On an  unrelated note, I’m growing my hair this year so that I can get it shaved of and sent to Europe to be made into a wig for people who need wigs, most likely from cancer. Stupid cancer. Wish me luck. I’m gonna need it.- that, and a lot of shampoo.





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