Writing a story is hard


Tell us about a time when you had to choose between two options, and you picked the unpopular choice.

I don’t usually take the unpopular, hardest choice of the two. For example, when I was a kid, I was friends with the coolest kid on the block. Whoever she didn’t like, I also didn’t like. She would show her dislike by gossiping and being cold to them when they’re near. But I would take it one step further and bluntly be mean to them. It was like I had the right to be mean and a bully because I was with the ‘cool’ kid. The unpopular choice would be to be friends with those “losers” and actually make true friends that maybe, I’d still have right now.

I remember, there was one girl in my class. My cousin, told me to be nice, but the girl was weird. She would do the randomness things that in today’s world, would actually be seen as “cool” or “brave”. But back then, what you saw was what you got. And I saw a girl, pretending to be a chicken and clucking about. I used to tease and mock her so that my ‘cool’ friend wold laugh. Then one day, the weird girl stopped turning up to class, and ever since then, I’ve felt sad. The point is, I should’ve listened to my cousin, and be nice.

But that’s not this story. This story is about how I had two options and out of the two, I picked the unpopular choice. Last year, in December, I had decided to write a novel. I’m up to chapter 14 currently. Today, I had finally finished chapter 13, a very long chapter. I also briefly wrote what was going to happen in the rest of the chapters, using bullet points. But before this happened, I had doubts. I wanted to put this novel on pause, and start a new book. The idea of a fresh start has always appealed to me and writing a book was no different.

But I told myself no. That, even though it was hard at times such as now, I had to preserver because that was what being a writer was all about. Determination, persistence, will power. Yes, it is true that we have walked on the moon, and we have conquered mountains, but there is more satisfaction in personal goals, such as “I” am a successful blogger or “I” have finished a book. Don’t think about what mankind has done, but think about what you have done and what you hope to achieve in this lifetime.

So, there you have. My story is that I had two options: Start all over again with a new novel or finish my current novel, no matter how painful it sometimes feel. Yes, I should really research on “how not to suck at writing” one of these days.

Many writers quit being a writer because they picked the easier choice, and not the “unpopular choice”. It would be financially easier to not be a writer. It would be unpopular, particularly, among relatives and loved ones, to continue with writing until something happens.

Today, I have learnt something that I hope will pay off in the future: Everyone is different and they have different ways of getting through a book. But for me, a clean fresh start is not what I need. What I need, is to stick with my novel, and keep at it until it’s done, before continuing onto the next book. I do however, think that having regular breaks in order to have a fresh pair of eyes, will help, but leaving an unfinished story to start a new one, will not help. I’d rather write only 5 words in my current story, than write 5 thousand words in a new story, in one day. I know someone has already said this before, but I think I have just discovered one of the three rules to writing that no one knows about; “Rule one: Finish what you started.”








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