Story-Quit the habit

Happy Endings

Tell us about something you’ve tried to quit. Did you go cold turkey, or for gradual change? Did it stick?

I can hold my breathe when motivated for 15 seconds, while walking quickly across the road, past a group of smokers. Once, when I was roaming in New Market, I went into a dark alley that was stinky, but all in all, was safe, and lo and behold, a row of smokers along the pavement, on both sides of the road. I had to hold my breathe for a long time even though I was walking fast- not running, as I didn’t want to upset anyone-but even I couldn’t hold my breathe for that long so finally, I let it go, and inhaled the callous smokes of hell.

I ran at that time, being near the end of the alley, and unable to breathe. I turned the corner and coughed and wheezed, my poor lungs. I couldn’t catch a break. You think that was bad? Ho ho!

When I was in Singapore, during the time of the Haze, I wore a decent mask that my relatives got for me. And I was in Chinatown, about to walk past a group of smokers. I could see the distasteful smoke in the air. But I tonight rather confidently to myself that the smoke couldn’t get to me- I was wearing a mask. Lo and behold, the mask was cheap and if it wasn’t cheap, then it was a rip off. it wasn’t very good. And i was coughing, with the mask on!

I had never inhaled more smoke than I did that day. and smoke in Singapore is far worse than in New Zealand because it was already humid and polluted and “haze”-ey as it was. I was thoroughly and utterly flabbergasted.

So, will I quit the habit of avoiding smokers in the streets? Will I cease to keep a low profile, pretending to cough or sneeze as my cover so they don’t see I am pinching my nose, as I hurriedly walk past these group people?

If anything, my experiences have made me harder, tougher, bolder in the fight to keep the smoke out of my nose, my hair, my mouth, my lungs. I will hold onto the conspiracy, the paranoia that smoke means cancer and cancer means death, if it means, I will only breathe fresh air, the clean fresh air and not the polluted one. I say, it is a good investment on my part.





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