voice-our human rights

Thank you to Dawnoftheadult for inspiring this post (the layout and the topic).

It is common knowledge that animals cannot speak like we humans can. They can not talk in our language. They do communicate, but only within their species. Although we have tried to understand them, and we’ve gotten quite far with gorillas from the gruesome image of King Kong, to the loving beasts that they truly are.

(Koko, the gorilla with a kitten).

But through animal rights and animal lovers, humans have become the voice for animals. The voice for animals that cannot speak for themselves. But they do something much more incredible. They speak through their actions and they speak to our hearts. How else would we know, that a ten pound gorilla can be so caring? Or that it’s cruel to kill dumb animals?

I’m trying to make a point so that I can relate this to humans and human rights. Most humans, even ones on poor living conditions, presumably can talk because learning to speak is much easier than learning to read or write. However, some people do not speak out. They can talk but they do not have a voice and need other humans to be their voice just like animals. The only difference is, only once or if they ever reach a state of self confidence and self esteem, and safety, then, and only then, can they speak for themselves. 

It may not be an animal’s right to have a voice (because they can’t talk), but we as humans do have that right. This is one of the many rights that have been violated in the past as well as currently.

What can we do about it?

Like Ellen said; Be kind to one another. 

I believe that the world will be a better place if we make it better, by being kind to one another and helping each other out. Do not become so consumed with living a rich life, and having billions of dollars, that you forget what it means to be here on earth. It is better to give than to receive. 

Here are the groups of people who are struggling with having a voice:

  1. shy people
  2. women in Germany
  3. Women in a lot of countries (probably everywhere in general)
  4. Gay/lesbian, transgender, drag queen, and/or black people
  5. people who are seen as low class: strippers, hookers, gangster
  6. And there are more out there who aren’t even on the “no voice” radar.

I’m not asking you to interpret what they’re thinking (shy people especially hate that), but I’m opening it up to you and asking you to consider to think about these people who are struggling, and think back to yourself. If you have a voice, then use it for the greater good. It’s your decision to make. 


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