Balloon popping startles kids

Ripped Into the Headline

The issue over the number of complaints from parents on balloon popping in the Star dome’s space room, has escalated from 1 to as many as 9 complaints in one day. The day started out sunny and quiet and ended with a loud bang, but not the kind that you’d want to go out with.

In the space room of the well known Star dome planetarium and observatory in New Zealand corn wall park, kids were busy pumping up their balloons, then getting the balloons out of the pump and letting them go and watching the balloons as they soared up in the ceiling and twirled around, hitting people at times.

“The kids were absolutely loving the balloon rockets.-The sound, the way it flew up high.” said John, the manager of Star dome. But not everything was so peachy. One parents complained to staff that the balloon had hit her girl’s eye and it was very painful.

In fact, there were a number of incident reports filed by parents of the victim.

All in all:

The balloons popped nine times while being blown up.

Twice, the balloons popped in a child’s face.

And 6 times, the balloons hit someone’s eye or shoe or head.

8 times, it landed on equipment or someone’s head.

“You can see that balloons are not for playing like this,” says mother of a 3 year old who had screamed when the balloons popped. The girl was in the coloring section, far away from the action. But even though balloons have proven to be dangerous and unpredictable, John says it is unlikely to go away any time soon.

“It’s just too much fun,” said John “I can’t take it away from the kids. I’m not crazy.”






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