Stop complaining, start living

I have a perfect little gem for today’s prompt. (Note: Sorry, I didn’t create a link to the prompt because I forgot and now, I don’t rememeber what the prompt was).

I am taking a gap year in 2016 (right now), and one of the things that I have been doing is volunteering in Stardome during the school holiday programme that Stardome offers. The volunteers and the staff have a really long 2-hour break between 11.30am and 1.30pm. During this time, I ate with the other volunteers and then three of js went to the playground area. We sat on a bench and talked about stuff on Netflix etc.

Then, in the distance, we saw people in the background. I should probably mention that all volunteers are required to wear a purple T’shirt so that people can identify us as volunteers. So, we saw those purple shirts in the distance and we knew it was the other volunteers.

“OMG, they’re leaving without us”- said B

“How rude!” said C

“They are so mean to us. Where do you think they

e going?”

“Probably to the mall even though the mall is so bad and I don’t even want to go there,”

“Omg, same here….We should go tot he mall and pretend to bump into them”

“Yeah, totally, and we can be all like; “oh my gosh, I didn’t see you there. How is it that we’re both here?”

And t went on and on. The bottom line was that they were hurt and felt left out which I understood but I not only find this kind of conversation boring, but it was just so childish. I kept thinking *kept it to myself), if you want to go to the mall with them. then bloody GO!”

After a while, we resumed talking about other things like Troy Bolton forgetting the lyrics to Breaking Free (shocker!), and watching the pigeons try to mate.

Then we saw a guy. He asked someone in the distance if they wanted an ice cream…

“OMG, he’s not giving those for free, is he?” said B

“Nah, no way,” said C

He comes closer but opposite from where we’re sitting and he comes to a woman reading a book. She smiles, gets up and takes an ice cream from his hand.

“Omg, it’s free,” said B

“Omg, I so want one, so bad, it is so hot,” said C

“Same here. I’m sweating,”

“Are we like not pretty enough? He’s like so totally ignoring us”

He kept his distance from us tot he opposite side and went past us. My friends were just outrages. I honestly don’t know if they were fooling around or if they were really that stuck up.

Finally, I couldn’t take it anymore. It was a hot sunny day and I had just been in a room with kids for two hours in the morning. I stood up/

“Do you want an icecream?” I asked “I’m going to get ice cream,”

And I walked away.

“Wait, can you get some for us too?”

“Walk there yourself,” I said

“Please? We’re lazy,”

“I can’t ask for three,” I said

I walked away and in the end, I got the freakin’ ice cream but my friends missed out because the guy had run out of ice cream.

The moral of the story is: When you are offended and it’s a hot long day, just shut up. I don’t give a damn.





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