Just another day

Just Another Day

My cousin once asked me while we were walking to my house, What do you write in your journal? She liked writing, same as me, but found it hard to write every day. A lot of people can talk and they do it easily, naturally and ALOT. But for me, I write naturally and although I do plenty of typos, It’s smoother than when talking.

What’s my daily ritual? What do I do every day? What do I write every day? They’re all connected questions. Because I write what I did that day, every detail plus my thoughts about it.

This month (Jan, 2016), I’ve been volunteering at Stardome and this would be the ritual: I wake up at

I wake up at 9am.

I brush my teeth, pee, drink water etc.

I comb my hair (sometimes) and clean my face

I wait for my mum to get ready.

Then i do last minute things that I had forgotten such as putting on my socks and eating something.

Then, we drive to Cornwall park. She drops me right at the entrance of stardome.

I go in and wait.

The kids come.

I entertain them at one of the stations.

And I do this atleast three times (three groups at least).

But now that the last week of the long holidays is nearly over and school is right around the corner, I won’t be going to stardome so much anymore. But even when I did, every day was different and I have my diary to prove it.

I think that’s one reason why writers keep journals or, let’s face it, a diary, it’s because every day is different whether through small subtle changes, or big events, and we need to write everything down, slow it down, to see it. 

It is just another day, but it’s a different day than the one before. You just need to slow down, break down the day and see it for yourself. 



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