G’day mate! I’m on holiday in Australia, Sydney. I’m visiting with my mum and we are staying at my sister’s apartment, or Rhodes Hotel, as we like to joke. I’m in Sydney to meet up wth my childhood friend and get a tan. But it’s mainly to babysit my 4-month-year-old niece so that my sister can rest. You know how it is to be a parent…stressful!

The sun over here is very strong, but this morning there was a gust of wind and it was truly a thing of beauty. I was actually feeling a little bit cold this morning which I never thought would happen in Australia. I remember when my childhood friend came to New Zealand. She was shopping for a jacket for her father to bring back to Sydney, but I kept thinking “um, isn’t Aussie like really hot? Why do you need a jacket over there?”

NZ is much colder than AUS and even in NZ, I don’t normally wear a jumper. Then I blurted out; “but it’s boiling in Sydney like, all the time,”

lol. Fun times. Truly.

This is the last day for my January novel since it is the last day of January 2016. But I honestly think I’m going to relax tonight and not worry about my word count or anything else to do with my Jan novel. I’m looking forward to tomorrow, starting my Feb novel although understandably, I’m still a little bit nervous as well. It always happens with all new novels that I start work on. I had worked on this story before and got pretty far into the story and narrative, but the writing itself absolutely sucked. plus, I don’t exactly know which book (out of the hundreds of writing books that I have), has the original story. double plus, it’s probably written in blunt pencil which as any writer would know, is impossible to read.

I’ll update my blog, letting you guys know the woes, struggles and highlights of my writing day as I start a new journey with my new novel . For many of you, the holiday has ended or will end pretty soon. Sucks for you but hey, atleast you get paid to do whatever it is you do.

This isn’t the last you’ll hear of me. I’ll write as much as I can and as soon as I can.





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