Never returning to earth

First of all, can I just say, that I think it’s inhumane and stupid to ask people to go to Mars and never return. Also, for the people who want to do this or who are going to, well, at the very least, bring a book to read! There’s nothing to do there. Explore? Explore what??

I don’t know much about why people are doing this, but if it was an experiment to see if we could live on another planet, let me just say that we CAN’T. I’ll tell you that right now. Can we move on?

Something I would miss would be my books. I love reading and writing and eventually, I’m gong to have read all my books, and written in all my other books and then there’d be nothing else left to do but die.

Other things I would miss:

  1. the food
  2. My family and friends
  3. the internet
  4. The feeling that my life matters and people care about my life enough to not want me to die a horrible “literally-no-air” death in Mars.

I would be cool to visit Mars, but it’s not going to happen for me. Any living arrangements I make in another planet will be for story purposes only.


Prompt: FOOD-click for the full prompt page. This is from SOCS, but on a Monday.


Hi guys! So today’s prompt is “food”. I’ll take food as “consumption”. Everytime I write, I have to drink. I don’t mean drink like beer or wine, but drink something other than water. For example, as I am writing this, I have (takes a huge sip), a DB EXPORT citru drink which my uncle came and brought over last Christmas.


I have to drink when I write. It is my incentive. It…motivates me. Rewards me when I hit a 2 blog milestone, or a 5K word hike.

I like to drink. I like my drink. And of course, I like FOOD too. 🙂


Ohh, I have another idea to go with this “food” prompt.

Just a quickie: I made curry today! I’m such a novice cook although today was a good step into the culinary world. My mum helped me and taught me how to make curry. I really don’t like thinking about death, but I think if I keep this up, learning how to cook and cooking dinners with my mum will be one of my most treasured memories I’d have of my mum when she’s gone. I would be something I’d always think of whenever I’m cooking for my own family in the future.

“Food is best when it is in my belly.”

Heey! I’m back !

I’m back from Australia where the sun is at it’s harshest, and back to good old rainy-but-still-hot New Zealand. And the first thing I did when I got back? I cleaned my room! My goodness, it was so messy; the floors, bed and table. There was no room for me to stand or lie down or sit. I touched down yesterday and I still need to clean my room but it’s coming around.

The second thing I did when I got back was to go to the library nearest to me, return me renewed-in-time library books and also borrowed two books that I had requested in January.

This is quite an ordinary post, so let me go out by saying this: HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRAND POH POH!

My great grandmother is not here anymore and I’ve never met her. But I have found out recently that she was born on the 29th February. This spooked me at first, because there’s almost never a 29th in February (well, actually, it comes every four years), and the first thing I thought when my mum told me was; “How did my great-grandmother celebrate her birthday?”. I think this was before I realised that she wasn’t here anymore, and my mum just told me to pay my respects and think of her.

Happy birthday to anyone and everyone else whose birthday falls every 4 years or so. Have you see the cute little bunnies on google? The bunny “leapt” in between the 28 bunny and the 1 bunny. Haha. So cute.

I can’t be bothered to make a whole new post about leap years, so here are some links to people who know their business.







Rene Laennec

I’m writing this a bit late, but just pretend it’s the 17th Feb 2016 today. hahaha.

Rene Laennec (17 Feb 1781-13 August 1826) was a French man and physician who invented the Stethoscope in 1816.

The word stethoscope comes from the Greek word Stethos which means chest and skopein meaning to explore.

The idea of this amazing invention came to Laennec when he saw two children playing together and giving each other signals, using a piece of wood and a pin.

In the same year, Laennec had to examine a woman who had ‘general symptoms of a diseased heart’. Since she was a woman, it was quite awkward to hear her heart beat. But with the invention of the stethoscope, he could do this, no problem. H

This year would mark his 235th birthday anniversary.





I could have

The Road Less Traveled

I could have given up on my dreams and been less happy,

I could have given up on myself and died,

I could have cared less and lose more friends than I did,

I could have learnt french when I was younger, and then forget everything less than a year later,

I could have played an instrument, felt more accomplished, sold the instrument to pay for the bills,

I could have let my Anger take over my Love, and Killed somebody,

I could have looked at the past, lived in it all my life,

Or, I could have moved the fuck on a lot sooner.

Note: This is probably not grammatically correct.




Drawing a blank

Drawing a Blank

Sometimes, in the heat of the moment, you say things that you later regret. Things that were meant to hurt, things that were stupid to say and inconsiderate. In my experience with arguing, It’s better to not say anything if you have nothing nice to say.

But in my latest argument, the things that hurt, the things that makes words like double-edged swords, I know now that that is what makes an argument, even if you don’t say anything back. Some people just want to fight or to prove themselves better.

They may think they know me, but actually they know nothing about me or my life. They don’t know just how busy I am even though all it seems I am doing is typing on the keyboard 40% of the time, and staring at the screen the other 60%.

They may think that since they took the time to know me (like, 5 years ago), that they know everything about me, like I’m some sort of robot that never changes and is always on auto.

What they see is what they get, and they analyse my actions in the shallowest of ways. Everything I do, is a waste of time. This blog post is a waste of time. They talk about other people, they complain about their friends, but actually they’re not better than any one of us. They’re not better than me.

Tweet this?– “Love is not the same as Tough Love. Love is not tough.”