How to find time in a busy schedule

When I was in New Zealand, I was volunteering almost every day at Stardome in weekdays and volunteering in SPCA op shop on Saturdays, AND volunteering in the Sunday school holiday programme every Sunday.

During that time, I didn’t write that much if any blog posts. Now I’m in SYD and while I am finding time, like right now, to write in my blog, I’ve also noticed that between starting a blog post, and finishing and posting it, it is at least 2 hours difference. Why? It is because I’ve been eating, showering but also taking care of my little niece, every day. In fact, I use my laptop in between the hours that I am free.

The title of this post has been shortened but the real title is:

How to find time to write in a busy schedule:

Before my mum booked the tickets for us to SYD, I told her a very non-negotiable condition which was that I needed time to myself, and time to write every single day, even if it would be just 2 or so hours, I’d take it.

1.Tell your family members or whoever is keeping you busy that you need some alone time every day. This Alone Time is crucial writing time, not sit there and do nothing time. It could be 30 minutes every day or a maximum of two hours. There are 24 hours in a day and while we may only be awake for 20 or even less than 20 hours, we need to, and we must find time to write every single day. Non-negotiable. You don’t need to tell them that you’re writing a blog or a novel, because then they’ll get nosy, but they’ll understand if you need to be alone because everyone needs that space.

2.Prioritise the first thing you do before you eat your breakfast and the last thing you do before you go to sleep. This may mean cutting something from your daily routine. It may mean waking up earlier or sleeping later than usual. Or it may just mean that you need to use those times when you’re bored but you don’t want to do anything, to actually write something down. Make it work. Don’t slack off. No excuses. 

3.Use those waiting periods for something more productive than staring at the walls. On the train back to Rhodes from the library in Eastwood, I wrote in the train ride. I didn’t bring my laptop so I only had my book and a pen but I discovered things about my story and my main character that I didn’t have had any clue otherwise.

Your Turn:

I only have three tips to finding more time to write but there are probably plenty others out there to find on the web and through firsthand experiences. Find out what works for you and maybe even leave a comment and/or like this post and share it with your friends and family.




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