SPCA op shop

An extract of my life:

Yes, I’m working at the SPCA op shop now.

What? You’re working with the kittens and the dogs?

No! It’s an op shop. You know, like clothes, shoes, games, books, toys etc.

No kittens?

No kittens.


Hey guys. So, I’m volunteering at the SPCA op shop in New Zealand every Saturday I’m currently in SYD but will continue working there in March when I get back. I might even pick up an extra shift.

The SPCA op shops around NZ helps to raise money for the rabbits, dogs and kittens in the animal village near the airport. I never knew about the shops and what they did until I wen ton the SPCA website, looking for a place to volunteer my time and energy. I admire the people in the op shop, the staff and volunteers, and what the op shop does behind the scenes in supporting the animal village financially.

Why do I volunteer there?

This is the best way to help the animals in need. Everything thing needs money. Things don’t just happen without money. I don’t have money myself- I can’t just adopt a bunch of rabbits, cats, dogs and turtles. But I can give my time, a little bit every week, for a good cause.

What can you do?

Visit any one of the SPCA op shops. Buy something. 

I wanted to buy a pokemon DS game but I thought I’d let the customers have a chance to buy it first since they’d be spending more money (becasu I get a discount), which memnas mor emoney for the animal village. But after a customer almost bought the game, I hid it, menaing to buy it later. in the end, i didn’t and nhave been thinking about it ever since. What would’ve happened had i bought the game? Surely, I’d remmeber each day in SYD less because i’d be on my dS more instead of paying attention to the surroundings and people aroumnd me ( only availabke overseas[0pp.

Donate something second hand but good second hand. 

For example, last Saturday, I donated a lunch box and a small bag. I don’t know what happened to the small bag, but the lunch box was sent to the trolley, whichw as then taken downstairs to be thrown away. So like I said before, sell second hand. the stuff you don’t want, but sell good quality second hand items. Actually visit the shop and look around at the kinds of things we sell, because while we accept most things, we don’t sell everything we get.

Volunteer at SPCA op shop or anyplace that needs more hands

Yes, I’m serious. I’m talking to you. Why should you volunteer? Well, it’s a darn good hobby. I didn’t know it was a hobby until today and as someone whose only hobby was reading and writing (ironically, not much of a writer’s life), I knew I needed something else and volunteering was exactly that. Try it. It might do sometihng good to your self esteem ad worth.

SPCA op shops works mainly becaus eof the many volunteers there and there ar emany places that requires volunteers in order to even be operational in the first place.








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