You should go and love yourself

This Is Your Song

I know this is a song that almost everyone on the entire planet has heard. It is on the radio, on Spotify, on YouTube, on people’s phones and occasionally, you hear someone singing it. And unfortunately, she can’t sing. Let’s go deeper into some of the lyrics from the song; “Love yourself” by Justin Bieber.

The title itself reminds me of another song called “Love myself” by Hailee Steinfield, the new girl and new talent from Pitched Perfect two. If you compare the two songs, it is almost ironic. One song is talking about a boy saying to a girl “Love YOURSELF, don’t come to me,” while the other song is saying; “I DO love myself and I don’t need anybody else.”

One is saying “I am worthy. I am putting myself first.” and the other is saying “I am better off without you.”

When I listen to Bieber’s song, I’m amazed that this is his song. I love his voice (in this song), and the guitar, and the tune of the song. But when I looked at the lyrics, I noticed that the writer seemed to be scoffing at his ex-girlfriend, seems to be saying “I am better without you and no, I don’t need you or miss you so get that out of your head.”

It’s also a sad song, reminding me of Bieber and Selena Gomez. They’ve had it pretty rough in terms of relationships. And they each had their own ways of going through their break up, but in the end, they both turned to song. Selena’s song had her talking and crying for a good five minutes of the beginning of the video clip, while Bieber’s “love yourself” is soulful, slowed-down, nice.

Bieber’s song “Sorry” is a better and fairer comparison to Gomez’s song, because his “Sorry” song is “Not Sorry” at all and is on the radio as much as “love yourself” is, except it’s annoying crap.

This is the song from Youtube You should go and love yourself. Really listen to the lyrics.
You should go and love yourself

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4 thoughts on “You should go and love yourself”

    1. That is literally the only Justin Bieber song I love and I listen to it all the time. I’m glad I could show you something that you may not normally look at.


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