Naked with Black socks

Naked with Black Socks

What is your view on public speaking?

From primary all throughout the school life, when I had to write, prepare and present a speech in front of the class each year, I hated speeches and feared public speaking. However, recently my views on public However, recently my views on public speaking has changed. 

This is because public speaking is the idea of standing in front of people and the thing is, I do this every day through my blog, through Wattpad and We book and through my stories. I’m currently working on a story right now and while it may be only seen by me, it’s going to be seen by other people one day and who knows, maybe it’ll even be sellable. I’m putting myself out there. And that to me, speaks of public speaking.

Public speaking is not just standing in front of a group people and talking, but it is communicating to the public, it is a metaphoric room, in from of real readers from around the world. That’s what my fellow bloggers and I are doing each and every single day.

While I still hate speeches and the idea of speaking in front of a crowd or just speaking ing general, has me getting hives on my butt, Public speaking is beneficial in many ways and often while we don’t even realise, we have the power of public speaking already inside us. Some of us just needed a written communication to use this power. 




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