What I learnt from GMB

I think it’s about time I congratulated myself on writing a novel in Jan, and told all of you about it. My story is called GMB. I won’t tell you what it stands for but be ready to see the novel on things like Webook and Wattpad. It won’t be now, but soon, hopefully, this year.

Here are a few things I have learnt from GMB:
About God:

  • Don’t be afraid because God loves you no matter how you’re feeling. You can ask questions if you want to.
  • It is a good thing to understand your religion and explore controversial ideas so that you are your own  Christian and not “typical”. Challenge the norm- just don’t completely disown God or your beliefs.
  • Christianity is so much more than a religion. The bible is so much more than a rule book. I feel a bit more free, particularly of, “negative Christian thinking”.
  • This is what it means to love one another. It means not judging one another and it means accepting one another as they are.

About encouragement:

  • Don’t worry about what other people might say or think about you. Most things, the decisions you make, are between you and God. No one else can save or judge you.
  • You don’t have to do Nanowrimo (in November) to write a book in a month.
  • You can do this! You can do anything if you have the mind power, will power and determination power. And really, aren’t they the same thing?
  • If I can do this, then I can do this again and again and again… (and again).

About early feedback:

  • Don’t get early feedback. Do not tell anyone that you’re writing a book. I couldn’t tell people about GMB because of these ‘people’ being Christians- they will have pretty strong opinions about this novel and this will be one novel they will not buy from me.
  • It feels good! My family knows that I’m writing a story, or that I write stories, but they don’t know any other details. Don’t tell anything and they won’t ask.
  • No feedback means no criticism so early in my work. Great!

And finally, about myself:

  • It’s okay to not know what’s going to happen next
  • It’s okay to write stories that many people may not like (including my own mother), as long as it’s something from your heart, that you feel you need to write and shape into a novel.
  • Some people will like it 🙂
  • It’s okay to not always follow other Christians, even the pastor.
  • Sometimes, the novels that are hardest to write, are the biggest eye openers.

Your turn:

If you’ve ever written a novel before, what did you novel say about you and what did you learn from it?



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