If bears could talk

This is a flash fiction of under 200 words, as prompted from “Rogershipp’s blog”

A bear had been set loose in the castle of Merida! The kings from the east and the west as well as King of Merida himself, armed themselves with pitchforks and knives and all sorts of weaponry, to find and kill this dreaded beast.

Meanwhile, chased around the palace, the bear went into the kitchen. now empty of any kitchen helpers or cooks. She paused at the front of the steps and let out a gruntled noise. The three bears which seemed to be her own cubs were being very naughty up on that high shelves with their father’s deer head trophies from the hunting days. One of the triplets was wearing the deer head and when the triplets saw their mother, the deer’s jaw dropped too.

The mother bear put her bear paws on her hips (she was standing upright) gestured for them to get down now and put everything back the way it was before. She glared at each of them in turn then settled on the slightly taller bear. ~who then replied; “What, you looking at me?”


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