Dream job

Prompt: Money for Nothing

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If I was in my dream job, I’d be famous and fabulously rich.


Signing autograph books, pieces of papers, people’s hands and their shoes and t-shirts, and of course, their books. I would see my books in bookshelves, in book shops, in people’s hands, everywhere. It would be the latest thing. 


But the funny thing is, writing is not about the fame, the fortune or even the bookshops. Writing is about the writing. It is about sitting down on your bum and writing that story.

It is the sheer pleasure of writing 25 thousand words (half of 50K).

It is the discovery of something you never knew until you wrote it down.

It is the immense feeling of relief, of sadness and of joy after finishing the 1st draft. Yes, there’s still a long way to go from the first draft but at least, it’s been written.

It’s the sudden realization that hey, I just wrote a book. I’m a writer now.

But I was always a writer.


A writer isn’t just an occupation. If it was, it’d be about the money. But a writer is a person who writes regardless of whether he/she is making any money from it.

The greatest and bestest thing about being a writer is the writing.

So, although it doesn’t feel like it sometimes, and I’m literally broke and unemployed right now, but I am living my dream. Even without the fancy bookshop, even without the book shelve that is lined up with my books, even without an actual book to call my own, I am a writer because I write. And that is the dream that I am living in right now.

It wasn’t what I had expected, but everything about this job is worth it in the end.

PS: The nightmare job would be being a writer without writing.




8 thoughts on “Dream job”

    1. Thanks gretalamfel for stopping by and thank you for your comment. Although it can be hard at times and even depressing especially when family members don’t understand why we go through this, but it’s worth it to write regardless of circumstances. In fact, we become who we are because of our decisions, not our circumstances.

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  1. Being afflicted with talent is like a chronic infection that needs to be bled.. Instead of blood, it’s letting the words spill onto the page or the paint flow on the canvas..

    Whether you’re good at it or not, the creativity needs a place to flow..

    All people enjoy art in some form..
    Movies, books, paintings, music etc.. But many, if not most, don’t understand the art itch, nor the self reward of working your art to take form on a medium others can enjoy..

    May your art and volunteer work be equally fruitful.. Art is subject to personal taste, I find your writing easy and pleasing to read.. 😊


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