Never again

There are some things I’d never do again. Things like falling in love at an early age, putting Pokemon in front of my family, putting anything in front of my family and pushing my friends away, crying when I shouldn’t be, and stop writing, go back to the hospital, go back to who I was before.


There are some things I thought I’d never do again but ended doing it more than once. Thing slike quitting then going back to writing, again and again, hating someone but then loving him again, forgive certain people in my life, forgive certain things that I  myself have done in my life, praying a certain special prayer to God, wishing I’d die, thinking I’d die., once again  learn something new abut myself and the world and change.



There are some things I’ve done, didn’t like it, but doesn’t mean I won’t do it again. Things like writing a song, hugging a boy, singing in front of someone who can actually sing, getting hurt by somebody for getting close, attending a funeral, being a bridesmaid (and having to wear a dress, smile for the whole day, be in a photo shoot type thing, walking in high heels, wear makeup and have my hair permed and hair sprayed, yuck!).



There are some things I’ve tried to do, failed and thought “never again will I try anything new,” but I got back on my feet every single time. Maybe I got back to  the particular fail, and tried again, maybe I packed my things and moved on to a new thing, but the main thing was I lept trying, I kept doing things, I kept learning, falling but picking myself back up on my feet and off the ground.

Things like writing a book, making a new friend (or even just being friendly), sit an exam, apply for a first job, write a blog post that people will like and enjoy and comment on, trusting God, trusting my own instincts and dreams no matter how weird or big or dangerous or the consequences.


I think one thing I can get from Justin Bieber would be, Never say never. And from Taylor swift: like, EVER.


Thanks Taylor. You rock.

Thanks also to Emilyeggplant for the prompt.






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