What do I write about?

On the way back to the park (actually, it was a primary school), my cousin asked me “What do write about every day?”.

She asked me this because I write in my journal every day about that day. I never run out of things to say in my journal. My journal is like a room, and it’s written behind closed doors (doors being the covers that protect it from being read).

However, you apply the same question to blogging and then you ask me what I write about, and the answer is totally different. I’m not that confident writing on a blog online than I am in the comforts of my bed, just writing whatever in my little journal.

I could say that I blog about every day and about everything I did that day, what I ate, what I did, where I went, but that would be boring and no one would read it. This was the exact problem that my cousin had. She loved writing but she told me it was hard to write every day or even once a week because she didn’t know what to write about and her own life was too ordinary to put it down on paper.

I told her that I thought her life was interesting and that no one would have the same experiences or see things the same as her. So it would be worth it to write it down. Well now, I’m not following my own advice for my blog.

Who wants to talk about what they had for breakfast in front of so and so many people?

I dreaded writing a blog because it felt like a chore, like a speech. When  was in school and I had to write and present a speech in front of thirty of so classmates and a teacher, I was speechless and quiet and embarrassed. It wasn’t just getting up in front of the class and speaking although, that played a big part, but it was the beforehand as well, the “choosing a topic” and the “What to write?” part.

The daily post prompts helped a lot to start the blog posts. But it’s about time I actually had a theme, a thread and a thesis to my blog and my blog posts.

I don’t know how to end this…

Do you ever feel stuck with your writing? 



3 thoughts on “What do I write about?”

  1. I’ve been blogging for years now. Somewhere along the way I’ve picked up around 4,800 followers from around the world. I’ve been an avid photographer for 45+ years so I suspect seeing my world through the photographs I take and the stories behind them can make for an interesting stop along the way of life. I’ve made at least one online friend from Tacloban, Philippines who survived with his family the terrible typhoons of the past couple of years. I hope to add your name of the ranks of interesting people in interesting parts of the world. I have only been to the Philippines once while in the Air Force decades ago.

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    1. I hope one day I will have as many followers on my blog as yours. I admit, I haven’t really explored your blog.-not as much as I should anyway. You have so much experience and although I don’t have as much…I will learn from you!


      1. I never got into blogging to collect likes or followers. I’ve moved 3000 miles from friends & relatives so I use my blogs to share my new world with all of my friends, new & old. Check out my tumblr blog at: ungawa.tumblr.com

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