Antique and artefacts

She wore the necklace and then she disappeared.

The longer story:

The woman entered the shop that smelt of mothballs and old people, and had a variety of useless junk from all around the world. Nothing in the shop interested her until she went to the cashier, where an old woman stood, and saw a beautiful necklace made of gold.

“Where did you get this?” she asked, eyes mesmerized by the shiny necklace, its intricate designs of pearls and beads.

“Egypt,” said the old woman “Do you want it?”

“Yes,” she said, but then her nose scrunched up and she held her head in the air.

“But it’s not worth the money,” she said, “it’s probably a fake!”

“It’s not a fake. The queen of Egypt once had a necklace like this,” said the old woman

“It smells of this shop,” she said “and this smells of you,”

“Do you want to try it on?” asked the old lady.

This piqued her interest. It was, after all, a very beautiful necklace.

Also, wearing it wouldn’t cost anything. She took the necklace from the woman and wore it over her head.

“Wait here,” said the old woman

She bent down behind the counter, shifting things here and there. While she did so, she muttered something incomprehensible to the woman. The old woman stood upright again with a mirror in her hand. She had stopped humming.

The woman adjusted the mirror so that she could see herself wearing the necklace and her face shone. Then, SNAP! -she disappeared.

I wrote a 6 letter story for challenge prompt:


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2 thoughts on “Antique and artefacts”

  1. Thanks for entering the six word story challenge, I love that you have a long and a short story. I often wonder what the background to the entries are. I always complete the story in my head anyway but it’s great to see your thought process in action. I love anything to do with Egyptology so this really appealed to me.

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