Drawing a blank

Drawing a Blank

Sometimes, in the heat of the moment, you say things that you later regret. Things that were meant to hurt, things that were stupid to say and inconsiderate. In my experience with arguing, It’s better to not say anything if you have nothing nice to say.

But in my latest argument, the things that hurt, the things that makes words like double-edged swords, I know now that that is what makes an argument, even if you don’t say anything back. Some people just want to fight or to prove themselves better.

They may think they know me, but actually they know nothing about me or my life. They don’t know just how busy I am even though all it seems I am doing is typing on the keyboard 40% of the time, and staring at the screen the other 60%.

They may think that since they took the time to know me (like, 5 years ago), that they know everything about me, like I’m some sort of robot that never changes and is always on auto.

What they see is what they get, and they analyse my actions in the shallowest of ways. Everything I do, is a waste of time. This blog post is a waste of time. They talk about other people, they complain about their friends, but actually they’re not better than any one of us. They’re not better than me.

Tweet this?– “Love is not the same as Tough Love. Love is not tough.”





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