Rene Laennec

I’m writing this a bit late, but just pretend it’s the 17th Feb 2016 today. hahaha.

Rene Laennec (17 Feb 1781-13 August 1826) was a French man and physician who invented the Stethoscope in 1816.

The word stethoscope comes from the Greek word Stethos which means chest and skopein meaning to explore.

The idea of this amazing invention came to Laennec when he saw two children playing together and giving each other signals, using a piece of wood and a pin.

In the same year, Laennec had to examine a woman who had ‘general symptoms of a diseased heart’. Since she was a woman, it was quite awkward to hear her heart beat. But with the invention of the stethoscope, he could do this, no problem. H

This year would mark his 235th birthday anniversary.






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