Prompt: FOOD-click for the full prompt page. This is from SOCS, but on a Monday.


Hi guys! So today’s prompt is “food”. I’ll take food as “consumption”. Everytime I write, I have to drink. I don’t mean drink like beer or wine, but drink something other than water. For example, as I am writing this, I have (takes a huge sip), a DB EXPORT citru drink which my uncle came and brought over last Christmas.


I have to drink when I write. It is my incentive. It…motivates me. Rewards me when I hit a 2 blog milestone, or a 5K word hike.

I like to drink. I like my drink. And of course, I like FOOD too. 🙂


Ohh, I have another idea to go with this “food” prompt.

Just a quickie: I made curry today! I’m such a novice cook although today was a good step into the culinary world. My mum helped me and taught me how to make curry. I really don’t like thinking about death, but I think if I keep this up, learning how to cook and cooking dinners with my mum will be one of my most treasured memories I’d have of my mum when she’s gone. I would be something I’d always think of whenever I’m cooking for my own family in the future.

“Food is best when it is in my belly.”


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