Five items

Five Items

If you were lost on a deserted island, what would you bring?

I’ve been PROMPTED by Sue Perry via Daily Post.

  1. A pack of gum
  2. A bow and arrow (a few of these)
  3. the bible
  4. a reading book
  5. My laptop



Author: ceyeh96

I am a novelist who is taking an amazing gap year. In Jan 2016, I'll be doing volunteering work as well as throughout the year as well. Check me on Wattpad for short stories. My username is ching_e Follow my blog, Writing160 (not RubyAtYourService).

6 thoughts on “Five items”

    1. Hi,
      you know you can make your own blog post for this prompt, right?
      But anyways, glad to know people are out there. Quick question: What is your favourite home cooked food that you can’t live without?


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