Heey! I’m back !

I’m back from Australia where the sun is at it’s harshest, and back to good old rainy-but-still-hot New Zealand. And the first thing I did when I got back? I cleaned my room! My goodness, it was so messy; the floors, bed and table. There was no room for me to stand or lie down or sit. I touched down yesterday and I still need to clean my room but it’s coming around.

The second thing I did when I got back was to go to the library nearest to me, return me renewed-in-time library books and also borrowed two books that I had requested in January.

This is quite an ordinary post, so let me go out by saying this: HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRAND POH POH!

My great grandmother is not here anymore and I’ve never met her. But I have found out recently that she was born on the 29th February. This spooked me at first, because there’s almost never a 29th in February (well, actually, it comes every four years), and the first thing I thought when my mum told me was; “How did my great-grandmother celebrate her birthday?”. I think this was before I realised that she wasn’t here anymore, and my mum just told me to pay my respects and think of her.

Happy birthday to anyone and everyone else whose birthday falls every 4 years or so. Have you see the cute little bunnies on google? The bunny “leapt” in between the 28 bunny and the 1 bunny. Haha. So cute.

I can’t be bothered to make a whole new post about leap years, so here are some links to people who know their business.








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