Leap of faith

Writing a book is like taking a leap of faith,

you don’t know where you’re going with the story,

or where your characters are taking you,

or what they are thinking,

but you just go with the flow and never stop writing, never stop going on, always have that faith in your ability to write, in your characters to get out of their pickle.


Driving a car on a long and dark road in the country side is like taking a leap of faith,

you can’t see what’s ahead of you,

you might hit a cow,

or a cat,

or a Pukekoe,

but you keep driving anyway,

you keep on keeping on,

believing with everything you’ve got that you’ll get you and your family safely home.

Taking a leap of faith,

is conquering the mountain,

it is not knowing for sure where you’re going to be or end up in 5 years time,

but living in the now,

and letting tomorrow take care of itself.


And if you don’t believe me,

then you’ll just have to take your own leap

and hold on.




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