one or two?

Counting Voices

When I am alone,

I swear I am on my best behaviour,

I’m not cranky,

not pushy,

not judging someone else on their life choices,

not offending someone without knowing how,

Yes, I do like to be alone,

alone in my room,

with my thoughts,

and all those hundreds of people in my imagination,

who don’t judge me,

or make fun of me,

or pity me.

But don’t get me wrong; a girl must have some company other than four blank walls, and eyes that sees something totally different,

I like company,

I like going to the movies with my friends,

I like playing game with them,

I need at least four other people for a good games round,

But if you want to talk?

To have an actual conversation?

Hmm, I’m going to need a lot of people so that I can ghost out of the party that my aunty invited me to.

But in a story, three’s a crowd, keep that in mind you Third Wheel People!







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