unplugged for 6 days

As you are all aware by now, I have been to Australia in February and just got back on the 28th (Last Sunday). I must say, the last six days have been tough especially because I was on holiday. These last 6 days I have been unplugged. This means no laptop. It was hard at first. When I turned off my laptop, almost immediately my sister asked me to put on RM on for mum to watch on my laptop. I had to say no and refuse. I felt bad about it, but I was determined to stick to being unplugged. But….I wasn’t totally unplugged. Yes, I was away from my laptop.

But, Ip still had my phone and i had come to really like my phone mainly because it actually worked. I used my phone to go on to my NewZealand library account to renew my library books (which i had brought overseas, and were going to be due before I arrived in New Zealand). I also used it mainly to keep myself busy in the long Sydney days, playing criminal case. I must say, I got quite far on it.

Before I had my laptop in 2015, I never would’ve en think of bringing a laptop to a deserted island over a writing book and a pen. But writing is endless in a laptop whereas the pages of a book had to end somewhere.

I also learnt that while it was really hard to unplug, I realised that I was really attached to my laptop and that it was unhealthy.

  1. I spent more time in front of the screen and less time with my main job which was to take care of my little cute niece, Hannah.
  2. I had less time in the day because the whole day is sucked into being in front of the laptop.
  3. At one point, I couldn’t sleep because I felt I hadn’t “Written enough in my story. I think, as a result, I decided to end my novel early and then stopped using my laptop all together for 6 days.
  4. I could’ve been downstairs right now, and I could’ve learnt to wash clothes or learn something that all uni students (or freshman age people) need to know by now.


I also thought I’d never unplug for this long again. Las time, it was 5 days, this time was 6 days. Could next time be even longer?





Author: ceyeh96

I am a novelist who is taking an amazing gap year. In Jan 2016, I'll be doing volunteering work as well as throughout the year as well. Check me on Wattpad for short stories. My username is ching_e Follow my blog, Writing160 (not RubyAtYourService).

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