Caroline Kersch


Happy 266th birthday Caroline Kersch!

And my condolences (seeing as how you’re dead).


Caroline Kersch was a german astronomer and the first woman to discover a comet.

She was born March 16, 1750, and although unable to be alive today to celebrate her 266th birthday, she lived to 98 years old, which is pretty good. (But seriously, just two years short of 100. Life is cruel).

At the age of ten, Caroline was diagnosed with typhus which didn’t kill her like it did for Anne Frank (although many other factors probably contributed to Anne Frank’s death). This stunted her growth and her parents thought she would never be able to get married. Indeed, she lived with her parents until the age of 22 and then her brother (brilliant telescope maker, musician and astronomer), took her to live with him in England and together, they shared their love of Space and Beyond.

Caroline Kersch discovered three new nebulae. And on her 96th birthday, she was awarded a medal for her lifelong achievements in science. I personally think that she should’ve gotten that award way before 96, but still, what a cool birthday present.

I’m afraid the only birthday present I can give Caroline Kersch, is a blog post, and a little google search.









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