A confused woman

I saw a confused old woman the other day. I was walking to the library from home and by the time I had seen the glorious library building, my legs were sore, I was tired and out of breath.

There were two women also walking to the library. I passed one woman but I couldn’t seem to get around the other one. This one was a white haired lady, walking slowly with her cane in her hand. At the door of the library (double door, thank goodness), I went around her  and saw her eyes.

One of them was smaller than the other and it was blind.

“Hello?” she called out

I immediately felt compassion for her and felt angry with myself for being impatient, but before I could even ask her if she needed help, a woman came behind her and tapped her on the shoulders.

“Can I help you?” it was the lady I had bypassed just a few seconds ago.

“Yes,” said the old lady. she was very much relieved. “I am lost,”

“Are you by any chance Jenny Silver?” asked the younger lady

“Yes!” said the old lady “I know you,”

“I’ve been following you to see where you were going,” said the younger lady, as she guided the old lady away from the library.

I thought; “Why can’t you let her stay here for a while and read some books? Books are amazing,”

And they turned right where form memory I knew were a few steps with no railing. So they turned left onto a ramp.

And they continued talking like old pals, one white-haired, the other, a glorious shiny brown. I watched them leave and then I turned around and sat my bottom on a chair.

It was nice and frightening what other people would do for each other.





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