History repeats itself with Trump




Trump is an American Businessman billionaire and currently a candidate for the republican nomination for president of the United states.

He proposes a plan to build a wall to close up the borders in order to “deal” with the immigration issue and the Muslim-terrorism issue.

What is wrong with building a wall?


Hitler became dictator of Germany during the second world war. He had a “perfect solution” also known as “the holocaust” which left millions of jews dead.

He wanted Germany to become the great nation that it once was, by eliminating the imperfect people such as the jews and the other minority groups.







2 thoughts on “History repeats itself with Trump”

  1. Republocrats are our choices in my opinion.. I’ve lost confidence in all candidates after Kennedy.. Not one has shown any hint of integrity or selflessness.. To be a true public servant, you have to have both, at least in your job..

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