The price of freedom

What is freedom?

the ability to afford things like a camera, toilet rolls, and dinner.

What is the price of freedom?

You lose your dream to land a “real job”,

you lose yourself and you lose your family because you’re always working

You’re working because you love your family and this is how you show you care for them,

But what it’s doing, all those late nights at work, all those missed dance rehersels and missed dinners and missed soccer practises and forgotten road trips,

it’s tearing your family apart.

Is the price of freedom worth losing your family?

But, if you lose your family, then are you really free?

If you want to be free and not be a corporate monkey,

then what is freedom?


Another definition of freedom: The ability to follow your dreams, take risks and have support by family or otherwise have money to be able to live by yourself.

The cost of this is obvious:

less money,

less stuff in that storage room that you have but never go into,

maybe that girl you’ve been eyeing from across the bar but is “not your league”.

and it may mean getting a day job that maybe you don’t like very much,

but it also means having time for your family,

because what freedom is, is freedom away from money, and the world’s problems, and the responsibility of an adult, and it is affording to relax, to be with loved ones, to cherish the moment that you are having right now. That’s what counts.

Question: What is freedom to you?

Reply in the comments below.



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