I can’t say it


Okay Ching,

Here goes,

Moment of truth.

“Clears throat, turns to reader”


Hello, my name is Ching.

I have a blog that I go on and write and upload posts for others to read.

I have been doing this since last year Dec though my blog was created before then.

Can you? Could we just? Um…

Okay, what am I trying to say here.


Oh gosh,

Oh dear,

Oh no,

This is hard,

it’s TOO hard to even think about,


What I’m about to do,

What I’m about to ask of you,

I don’t normally do this,

I’m not myself today,

Because you see….”Sighs”.


(says to self): Maybe I can’t do this. Maybe I can’t ask this of people I hardly know. But that’s okay because maybe I can do this myself without any help. Yeah, I don’t need help. It’s a piece of cake.


(Smiles and turns back to the reader): Never mind. hahaha. Have a great day 🙂




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