Happy Easter

I didn’t need to look at the Google page to know that today is a celebration. It is Easter day or Passover day. Happy Easter everyone!

This post is a really good recap of the story of Easter and Jesus’ crucifixion.

Unfortunately, I was unable to make it to Sunday Mass.

(Shame shame, I know your name)

But I had a really good excuse. I would’ve had to wake up at 9 something in the morning, and I really like my sleep ins.

Okay, so it’s just an excuse, not a good one.

But today is about forgiving sins, isn’t it, not counting them up.

Happy Easter everyone!

As I live in a place where I’m one day ahead of the rest of the world, I assume the Google page doesn’t have anything about Easter today. I will look for it tomorrow. Enjoy your 4 day weekend, for those of you lucky enough to have that holiday.








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