Great news about my brain

IQ Test
IQ Test

I was Google-ling a retail service called “IQ service”. But I had only searched up “IQ” because i didn’t know the second part of the name. The results, not surprisingly, came up with links about IQ including one that read “Free IQ test”. I clicked on it, thinking i’d do the test just for fun. I had never done this before and i was curious.

The website said that people’s intelligence compared with their peers, would have an IQ score of 10o or 95 (Give or take 5). for average intelligence. At first, I thought “wouldn’t it be nice if I could score higher than 100? Just like that Korean guy from the Korean drama “The kiss”

It also stated that this wasn’t “one and only” test of a person’s abilities and I would also like to point that out. Onwards with the story:

Then, I clicked the button and it brought me to the test of 20 questions.

The questions were mostly all math-sy and while I was trying to rack my brain at what the best pattern that came next was, I thought “why do boys do this better than girls?”- I learnt that last year in Bio class. It was in the textbook that incidentally, my bio teacher had written.

At some point during the 20 questions, I just picked the first answer that came to me. Sometimes, I just guessed. This reminded me of the tests I did in Primary, particularly a sunny day in Year 4. Those were multi-choice questions too, and what I’d do is half way in the test, I’d stop looking at the questions and just colour in random circles, A, B, C, D.

So when I guessed the answer to the last question and then hit “see results”, I was smiling, laughing a bit as to what I’d imagine I’d find. Maybe, I would be a 50 or 90. So much for dreaming big. The score I should get was 100 give or take 5 and to my surprise, that’s what I did get.

And I have a perfect score of 100 which means I am of “average intelligence” compared to the rest of the people my age. Now, the term “average intelligence” isn’t really anything to get smiling over, but the thing is, with my past history, I’m glad that I’m “alright”, that I may not be smart, but I’m not dumb either.

I had never gotten a certificate in primary for those exams except for “participation” which everyone who did the test got if they didn’t get anything higher. But that’s not that surprisingly considering how I used to take said tests.

I didn’t get any awards in high school either. But the main reason why I thought I could be any less than “average” was because of the year 2014, when my mind turned agaisnt me and I went crazy. My team of psychiatrists and doctors even said that I might have ADHD. Well, autistic people are known for being smart, so I guess my “averageness” means they must be wrong about me. I was also wrong about myself too. I judged too quickly.

 “I thought intelligence meant graduating school, going and graduating uni, getting a job through the proper and traditional channels. But that wasn’t what intelligence was about at all.”

Intelligence is knowing who you are as a person and where you want to go. It is listening to others but above all else, listening to yourself. When I repeated year 13 last year in 2015, I was able to complete school and have the level 3 NCEA certificate. But I don’t feel more intelligent than before.

“I have to stop being so hard on myself and I think that a lot of people face this same challenge. -To not beat yourself up but actually look at the bright side.”

Here are some good things about me:

  1. I don’t give up. I mean, i do sometimes, but not for long anyway. I can’t get away from the allure of the writing desk for too long.
  2. I am beginning to take that advice I once read from the internet, and not care what people thought of me.
  3. When it counts, I am a hard worker and in terms of being a writer, yeah, I’d say I’m a workaholic. But I also know when to stop, when I’m done for the day and most importantly, who to thank.

So that’s my list. Granted, it’s short and not finished, but there it is.

What are some good things about you?

Name at least three and write it in the comments below.





2 thoughts on “Great news about my brain”

    1. Thanks for stopping by. The test was quite a headache because of those maths and patterns but at least it was only 20 questions and it went fast because i guessed most of the answers. 🙂

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