Spring cleaning

I had never really believed in Spring cleaning. I thought it was something only Americans did and also, the thought of only cleaning in Spring was unheard of to me. Impossible. Because it seems like I am always cleaning my room, summer, winter, spring or Fall.

I have many writing books and I once opened one of said books and read something I had written years back. It read; “To do list: Need to clean my room”

This is not a reason for this post on Spring Cleaning, but it is just one of the things that led me to this post. My mum’s friend was going to come over and see the spare room because she needed a place to stay. My mum told me I had two days. (She told me because the spare room is  my storage room). So, in those two days, I moved all, if not most of the stuff from the spare room into my own room. the result was I can’t reach for my clothes in my closet and the other room looks a lot more inviting than my own bedroom because it’s so spacious and clean. I can see the floor.

In  the end, my mum’s friend didn’t visit but she is going to come back in August this year. It can be really hard to get rid of stuff. It takes time. And just when you feel like you’ve gotten rid of enough of your stuff (after a long and heavy clean up), you come back toy our room and you find you have more stuff than you had previously thought possible.

I think deciding what stay and what goes is only the tip of ice burg in terms sof the problem. The problem that I am facing is not knowing where to put the stuff, or how to throw them away. Do I just put the stuff in the red bin outside the front door? Do I order an inorganic rubbish disposal thing? Do I donate them even though secretly I know most of them aren’t worth a dime in a second-hand shop?

But then again, it’s the same thing, isn’t it? To decide what to throw away, and knowing where to throw them. It’s the same side of the coin. The same problem.

I can’t get rid of the stuff even if it’s things that deserve to be thrown away. And I can’t do it, simply because it’s my stuff.

A prompt Question:

What are some of the stuff lying at the back of your closet, or underneath your bed? Do you have anything that you want to get rid but can’t? Let me know in the comments below.










5 thoughts on “Spring cleaning”

  1. Aw, I loved this post!! Haha, I am such a neat freak – but I so know what you are talking about here! It’s as those little things are just… Important… Even though you know they are not (that) important. Haha, I have a whole folder of colored pictures that little kids drew me from when I had helped at a daycare. They are so messy, and untidy, but I just can’t bear getting rid of them.
    Hehe, after all, one’s trash can be another’s treasure!
    Enjoy your treasure my friend – blessings for your cleaning!! 😀
    Loved the post!!

    Liked by 1 person

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