Earth day-22 april

A few days ago, it was Earth day. This day is probably the best day for the sustainability people and people who care about climate change and the end of the world.


Who would’ve thought that there was more to the three R’s that we’ve come to learn and chant in Primary school?

Yesterday, the day before recycling and rubbish collection day, I learnt from my sister that plastic bottles can be recycled. I was like, Whaaaat?

Yes, if a bottle has the number 1 or 2, then it can be recycled even if it’s made of plastic.

In another separate event, several days ago, my sister dropped a new bottle of water and I’ve always thought the bottle was made of plastic. it was made of glass. Whaaaaa?

I think that sustainability, saving the trees, recycling, things like that, are good things to do and good causes, but I just can’t be bothered. Anyone wth me?

I think a lot of people are lazy like that and for that reason, we are losing the war against climate control and dare I say, Global warming.

Happy Earth day everyone. And remember that this is the only planet that we can live in. No, we cannot live on Mars.





2 thoughts on “Earth day-22 april”

  1. I’m not sure how much human endeavors contribute to global warming however, to me it just makes sense to conserve resources, use sustainable ones in the best ways possible and keep the air, water and land clean.. We have to live in the result of our alleged progress..

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